Looking for a colorist for your project? Feel free to contact me here. I'm located in Los Angeles, CA and do most of my projects out of my home studio.

My experience as a colorist started with my degree in Motion Picture Science at Rochester Institute of Technology. There I became acquainted with both the artistic and technical sides of the profession and did my senior thesis on Color Correction: On Set and in Post. My experience includes several short films, short documentaries, and a sports magazine television show. I have also had the opportunity to work at IMAX DKP 70mm Inc. and Time Warner Cable Sports Channel in Rochester, NY.  I currently work as a color management engineer for Technicolor in Burbank, CA doing project management and technical support for DP Lights, Technicolor’s on set color grading system.

Colorist Projects

Neon Demon (2019) | Pure Honey (2019) | Witch City (2017) | Duel Vision (2016) | Inheritance - Trailers (2016) | Syncretic Noise (2015) | Alyssa Trahan - Over You (2014) | From the Hard Coal (2014) | Part-Time Joe (2014) | Preis (2014) | Father Forgive Me (2013) | One Lottery Ticket (2013) | The Assumption of the Virgin Manny (2013) | RIT SportsZone Seasons 11-12 (2012-2014)